What is content exactly? It’s blogs, infographics, videos, emails, ebooks, social media updates, and the text on your website. Yep, content is everywhere. Which is why it’s so important to have a content marketing strategy that aligns with your core values and each of your audiences’ wants, needs, and unique, preferred ways of consuming content.

Give the Gift of Quality Content

Creating useful, valuable content should be a priority for your business, regardless of its industry. If you care about your audience, content marketing is the best way to show them.

Mainstreethost’s content marketing services are vast, and while each channel is unique, the content writing process is fundamentally the same:

1) Website ContentYour website should educate visitors on what your business is all about and establish you as an expert in your industry. By writing compelling and engaging content, you’ll provide a positive user experience for consumers and improve your search engine rankings.
2) Blogging ServicesDeveloping quality content for your website is essential to your online presence, and blogging is a key component of your content strategy. From building brand awareness to educating consumers and generating qualified leads, blogs have proven to be effective for companies across industries.
3) Email MarketingWhen approached properly, email marketing can provide the highest ROI of any online marketing avenue. We create email campaigns that nurture, educate, and delight both current and prospective customers to keep your business growing.
4) Press ReleasesPress releases are an effective way to spread the word about a company’s notable changes and announcements. In addition to publicizing important information, they can also create valuable backlinks to your website.
5) Video ProductionIn a world where people feed on visual information, video is the perfect way to engage your viewers. Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74% – and they’re entertaining, easy to find, and easy to consume.


Social Media is a key element to any successful digital marketing campaign. By utilizing different social media channels you can connect with new customers and build loyalty with your current and future client base.

Google and other leading search engines prioritize websites that produce dynamic and engaging content for their users. When it comes to the Internet, the customer is certainly always right. Social media platforms provide amazing opportunities when it comes to building a strong reputation. With a well sought out strategy, WebiMax can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat and more to keep your audience engaged and interested in your business.

This past year, companies leveraged social media more than traditional advertising channels to advertise their products and services. We can create buzz for your products through contests, engage with your audience by promoting relevant and interesting content, and provide compelling company insights and news. More people use their smart phone to search the Web than ever before. When they find you, it’s important you have something to say. Your social media channels can become a go to destination on a daily basis.

Each platform has its own strengths and ideal purpose, so our team evaluates your website and determines the best outlets for your optimum benefit. For example, the relevance of Snapchat has risen dramatically in the past several months, and as a result, we have adopted our practices to include the optimal utilization of that platform alongside others. The strengths of each can be leveraged with effective and targeted cost-efficient advertising methods that complement your presence on each platform

ChetsApp has a highly skilled and talented team of social media experts whom have a proven track record of creating and maintaining dynamic social media campaigns for companies, and educating businesses on how to ensure their entire brand is being represented accurately across all platforms.


Controlling Your Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is crucial now more than ever in maintaining a successful business brands reputation. Controlling and managing what others say about your business is mission critical. SEO Inc. will actively monitor and cultivate your online reputation by building on credibility and trust. SEO Inc will build you brands reputation, user mentions and conversations with new informative site content and engaging social media optimization. We will put together a comprehensive and tailored strategy for you while monitoring and assessing your online reputation in Real Time. You will have access to our on line reputation management reporting portal as well as on the fly notices of every brand mention whether it’s positive or negative allowing you to be ahead and proactive when it comes to damage control.

Who is saying what in real time?

The Internet has become the place to go when people are looking for information. Whether it’s a brand, a service, a review,a product or a person, there’s no shortage of information to be found online. This is why it is crucial to have a good set of online reputation management tools at your disposal. This way you’ll know what to do if you are misrepresented by others online.

At SEO Inc., we empower you to take control by integrating our online reputation management services and strategies into your Internet marketing plan. Reputation management gives companies the power to control the information available about your brand online.

We’ll put in place our 20+ years of industry-leading SEO experience and build out your online reputation management campaign. No one is more qualified to assist you in search engine reputation management efforts.

Online Business Reputation Management

  • Online Business Reputation Management
  • Social Media Reputation Management
  • SEO is a major factor when executing a Reputation Management Program
  • Maintaining a Positive Pro Active Online Reputation


Google Analytics, Google’s free, robust analytics platform, dominates the market among big brands and is used by roughly two-thirds of the top 10,000 websites globally. Google Analytics is used for a multitude of purposes, including traffic tracking, campaign tracking and conversion KPIs.

Advanced, premium features such as BigQuery Integration, Data Import, Enhanced Ecommerce and Mobile Analytics indicate even greater adoption of the platform by large enterprises. After buying Urchin Software in 2005, Google introduced Urchin on Demand, which evolved into Google Analytics — today one of Google’s most successful products.

Straight North: Google Analytics Experts

When Google introduced Urchin in 2005, Straight North was already expert in the use of website analytic tools. We began using Urchin immediately upon its release, and have been honing our Google Analytics management skills ever since. As a leading Google Analytics service provider, we use the platform extensively to manage complex SEO, PPC, display advertising and email marketing campaigns, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of client websites. Straight North is a certified Google Analytics expert. Our platform-related services encompass three major areas of work:

1) Google Analytics Audit
Google Analytics may be free, but it is far from simple. Our comprehensive Google Analytics audit communicates whether you have set up Google Analytics to properly track the information you are looking for, and if not, how to make the necessary adjustments. Our audit is an especially valuable resource for large enterprises with complex tracking requirements, since errors or gaps in data collection can lead to serious and expensive errors in Internet marketing campaign execution.

2) Google Analytics Setup
ou don’t need to be an analytics expert to launch an expert Internet marketing campaign. We provide special services to give your company a turnkey solution for the setup and implementation of a new Google Analytics account. After consulting with you about your business and Internet marketing objectives, we make sure the new account is properly configured to manage the targeted KPIs and campaign goals, and we then run tests to ensure tracking is accurate. This premium service enables clients to remain focused on their core business and core marketing execution, rather than on the complexities and nuances of tracking data.

3) Google Analytics Consulting
Google Analytics is a far more powerful tool than many companies realize. Are there additional ways this platform can help your business generate more revenue and profit? The answer is probably “yes,” which is why a comprehensive audit from Straight North has proven to be one of our most valuable Google Analytics management services. We review your current campaign goals and Google Analytics configuration, and then provide a detailed list of suggestions for how to increase tracking accuracy, broaden tracking scope and otherwise fine-tune your account setup to make better campaign decisions that drive more sales leads and e-commerce revenue

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